Sunday, October 26, 2008


I had one ex boyfriend. But he hurt my family’s feeling and me so deeply. So I don’t want to talk about him lots. However, I can tell you how to meet a person in China. There are many way to meet people. When you are a student, there is an easiest way to meet another student at school. In China, the dating is not permit in high school. The students want to find a good relationship between girls and boys. Sometimes you the boy and girl have a good relationship. Then, the feeling will be changed. It is a puppy love and this is a common way to meet lovers when you are students. Sometimes you go to your friends’ school or party, meet a person and become boy/girlfriend by the friends’ introduction. Moreover, you can meet a person when you go to bar. Now, the internet is more and more popular, you can find some people in internet. When you talk with someone by MSN or QQ (this is the most famous chat tool in China), that person has lots of the same hobbies with you, feels you are falling love each other, and becomes boy- girl friends. They will go some interesting place for dating. Then you can pick up that girl/boy. In my opinion, I don’t think this is good way to know a person, because you don’t know that person, you just talk in internet; all of the information are from that person said. Sometimes it is very dangerous way to meet a strange guy.


Moon said...

Anna, for coming to U.S. study have three reasons, one is I don’t want to see him and go to the place which we went here together, I need new place to help me forget him. I think that very good, he and me we broke up for several years, we didn’t contact each other. I fell well and his face less and less appeared in my mind or heart. But, on October 20, 2008, he used his friend’s QQ contacted me and asked me did I remember him, did I miss him, and did we can become boy-girlfriend again. I still like him, but I told many lays to him, such as I have a wonderful boyfriend now. I hate him; I want to avenge him, because he hurt my family. But, if I become his girl friend again, my family will hurt again from me. What do I do?

CESL said...

That is a very difficult situation. It never does anyone well for you to hold a grude against him. If you keep him in your heart hating him than you will find it hard to move on in your life. If your heart is filled with bitterness than you won't have room for a new love.
Also, you don't want to start anew with this man because if it will hurt your family it will hurt you by putting you in a bad or difficult relationship with people who love you dearly.
I'm glad that you were wise enough to get yourself out of your old situation in order to heal. Sometimes it just takes time. Though, the next time you see or talk to him I would be honest with him, forgive him, and let him go so that you don't have to carry the memory of the wrong he did to you forever. You will be free of it.