Sunday, February 22, 2009


When I came to America at the first time, I felt very stressful. I didn't know how to talk with other people who came from difference country, I didn't know how to use the machines by myself, and I didn't know the local rules in America. In here, I didn't have any family remembers and close friends. I always couldn't sleep and cried at night. Moreover, people's diet could be a problem. In the United States, there are always cheese, hamburgers, and pizza on the table at mealtime when I live in the dormitory. In the dormitory, there is very small kitchen for each floor. There are several problems that you could not cook here. Once I cooked in the kitchen, the students, who lived in the same floor with me, crossed the kitchen and looked at me strangely. I was so nervous. So, in my opinion it is not good idea. At home countries’ restaurants the food’s flavors are different. People might feel upset because there is no food that they are used to eating, so learning how to solve culture shock might be useful for people who come to a new country.How can I do to reduce the stress? At this time people could find a hobby, think of something nice to do, or make a close friend who comes from your native country. People can do some exercises in the free time. If people miss the parents, they can use internet and talk to parents face to face. In the city or town you can make the new friends who have common topics. Maybe some of your friends and you come from the same country. But, if you have some friends who are native speakers, you enjoyed them will help you to improve your level. Don’t be shy. Believe yourself to be best person in the world; you are better than native speakers, because you speak their language and your home language. During the vocation, your friends and you can make a plan to visit some states that you like.

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