Sunday, February 1, 2009

The true will be out in the future~

I really want Americans know the history of my country. Americans always get wrong information form media like other countries’ people. However, many things I don't like to talk. We have a long history about 5,000 years. Tea and flower culture are very Chinese. But, many people think both tea and flower culture are came from Japan. Chinese people enjoy drinking tea as same as western people enjoy drinking coffee. There is no point to compare which one is better. Both are good as long as you enjoy it. Both are bad if you hate it. We respect every culture and have no intention to force our like upon others, such as most Americans think Taiwan is a country. All of them are history problem, we can’t say any words. But, I know there is one day in the future, the true will be out.

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Anna said...

This is interesting. I know a lot of Americans think that everything asian-looking is Chinese or Japanese. Most don't really pay too much attention to Korea or the other Asian countries.