Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Important Person for Me

My uncle is the most important person in my life. He impacts my life. I can come to America to study, I will thank for him because he give me money to pay for the tuition. He is a smart, handsome, and successful man. He always knows how to get the chance. When he was a teacher, he met a government officer. The officer told my uncle that he wanted my uncle to help him in government. This is first time change my uncle’s life. Few years later, my uncle thought the job did not have challenged for him. It is so boring, he met an important man – Johnson who was the CEO came from US. He decided to become a business man. He went to Johnson’s company where in Beijing. He did not know anything at the beginning, but he did not give up. He studied everything harder than other people. After five years later, he had his first company in Beijing. Now he has several companies. He always tells me, “I am the best person in the world. Never give up. The god will give you chance and you get it easier than other person.”

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Anna said...

You uncle sounds like a very great man. I'm glad that you have someone that you look up to so much in your life. He sounds like he encourages you very much.