Thursday, November 27, 2008


I am missing my grandpa. He was past away for ten years. I remember the day is the first day of Chinese New year. My parents and I always go to my father’s parent’s house to celebrate the New Year. The second day we go to my mother’s parent’s house. However, my uncle called my father, after the call my parents did not say any word to me. They left me at my aunt’s home for four days. I knew that it must happen something. At fifth day, my father went to aunt’s house, told me my grandpa was died, and asked me to don’t cry, because my grandma couldn’t bear this news. During that time, I didn’t allow the tears to fall down. But at night, I was missing him. I thought my grandpa took me to the park at first time, it was the last time. It was a funny story for my grandpa and me.
My grandpa took me to play at the park for the whole mooring when I was 4 years old. When the time was lunch time, he asked me to go home. I was angry with that, I didn’t enjoying. So I asked him to play last game and then we could go home. He asked me promised. However, when I finished I couldn’t find my grandpa. I ran to the home, it is a long and dangerous way for 4 years old child. I must cross 3 busy streets and many cars. I saw my grandma and cried, she asked me why I was crying so sad. I told her I lost my grandpa at park, I just wanted her know the news and I was so sorry about it. My grandma couldn’t cry and smile. After a while, my uncle came in. I told him again. He was laughing loud. Then he took me to the park. At first time we saw my grandpa was so busy to find me. He was so worried about me. My uncle told him the experience. He said he didn’t took me to park never :-(

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