Sunday, April 19, 2009


My uncle always said, " if you like some food, you must learn how to cook it." I know he want me do everything must from the beginning. However, i like trying to taste everything that I have never eaten before. I love travelling, because I am interested in the special local food. I always look for the special restaurant in the goals before I travel. Also, I can try the new style food maybe I never eat. But, when I first time eat fried bitter cucumber with plain and duck blood in chili sauce (Chinese call it "Mao Xue Wang"). I do not want to try again. Sichuan cuisine enjoys a time-honored history and is well-reputed home and abroad. Represented by the local dishes of Chengdu and Chongqing. Sichuan cuisine is particular about ingredients, unified in standard, distinctive in arrangement, and vivid in coordination. Sichuan cuisine features spicy, tongue-numbing, savory, delicious, oily and heavily seasoned flavor, using a lot of capsicum, prickly ash, pepper as well as fresh ginger. From high-class banquet to ordinary meal, from street snack to home-made dishes. Sichuan cuisines is diversified in variety, novel in style, and elaborate in cooking. The duck blood in chili sauce is very famous food in Chongqing. Some people believe it is very delicious. When I saw this question, I want to tell you if you do not like lots of oil on the top, refuse this food is smart choice.Because, I don't like spicy, tongue-numbing, oily and heavily seasoned flavor food. One time my friend tell me she found a good restaurant is good at Sichuan food, I was so glad to try. After I tried the first, I knew I wouldn't to eat forever. It is trouble food that I hate them.

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Anna said...

I don't ever want to eat something's blood. That is just too disturbing.