Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thanks for my uncle

My major is landscape design. At beginning, I want to become an engineer, because my father's families' business is real estate. However, when I went to the college to choose the major, my uncle suggested me change the major.Becoming an engineer is very difficult for the females. It requires the person must good at theory's both physics and mathematics, geography of landscape, and drawing. The terrible theory for me is physics. I always make mistakes in it; on the other hand, the engineer can't make this mistake. But I love geography of landscape and drawing very much.
I lost the goal and didn't know what major is benefit for me. Then, my uncle told me the landscape design is similar as engineer. Of course, it is the best major for girl to study. I was feared to remember the theory, because I don't have good memories to remember. In my family, all numbers in my father's family listen to my uncle. He is like a boss, all people are waiting for his choice. So, I followed his choice to go to the college study landscape design. After I studied it, I found it different what I thought. Drawing is more than other theory. China has long landscape history, but people can't care about the gardens anything more. They don't have money to buy a house with garden. I can't find job in my major. My uncle paid the money for to come from American to continue studying. Then, it helps me to return to my country own my small business. Thank you for my uncle do all things for me.

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Anna said...

Wow, I wish I had an uncle who paid for things for me.!