Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mom and Dad Love(d) Me Best. Are You Sure?


Newman, S. (2010, January 10). Mom and dad love(d) me best. Are you sure? Psychology Today. Retrieved January 27, 2010, from


According to this article, only one child can get parents' attention very easily. If there are more than one child in a family, it is very difficult for parents to give the same rights for each person. Every child wants to become the favorite. For example, the author tells her experience to us about her two daughters. Then, she shows the other people found that the kid will have his/her own idea when they feel it is unfair with other brothers or sisters. Maybe, the kid will think about the negative things in his/her mind. Finally, Newman shares two ladies' experience to us.


I agree with the author, even though I am only one child in my family. In China, the government has only an one child policy. We can not have brothers or sisters in one family, except if they are twins or triplets. However, Chinese children have cousins in the family. If s/he can easily get your parents' attention, you will get jealous or get mad about him/her. I had this experience, I have a cousin whose age is close to mine. When I was a primary school student, my parents always asked me to get an A, and become the best student in school, and then they would take me to some place for travelling. I got an A and I was the best student in school; however, they did not take me to go anywhere. My cousin does not like to study, also he always failed the exams. But his parents and my parents gave him some gifts and wanted him to improve his score. I did not have anything when I got an A. I felt so bad and thought about negative things; at that time, I hate of my cousin because I thought that he was my parents' child and he took all of my parents' attentions. Now, my cousin has become my best friend in my family. I like talking to him for everything like a brother; also he can keep a secret from other family members.

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