Friday, February 26, 2010

New York seeks national reduction of salt in food


Kalawur. Y. (January 11, 2010). New York seeks national reduction of salt in food. CNN.Retrieved February 16, 2010, from


According to the author, salt as a traditional condiment that can make the food more tasteful, and at the same time, it is a kind of very import component in human body, but it is a very important factor which leads to heart attacks and strokes. In order to control these kinds of diseases and give us good health, the New York City Health Department is coordinating a nationwide effort to prevent heart disease by reducing the amount of salt in packaged and restaurant foods. The goal is to reduce American’s salt intake by 25% over five years.


Most people think salt can make the food more tasteful; salt can help us to defend many kinds of bacteria. But they do not know diets high in salt increase blood pressure are a leading risk factor for hears attacks and stroke. For example, when my mother cooks, she always put a lot of salt into the food. If she doesn’t put as much as she think it is ok, she doesn’t eat. As a result, she check her health every year, she has high blood pressure. The doctor suggests she eat less salt; however, she doesn’t follow. Most of us will feel unhealthy when we advise somebody to have a diet with little salt. Actually only 11% of salt come from the saltshakers; 80% of salt comes from food itself. So even if you cut down 20% of the salt in your food, you will be healthier body, and have more pleasure in life instead of worry about some kinds of cardiovascular disease because of your diet habit.

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