Thursday, March 4, 2010

The surprising reason why being overweight isn’t healthy


Graves, G. (January 21, 2010). The surprising reason why being overweight isn’t healthy. CNN. Retrieved February 22, 2010, from


In the article “The surprising reason why being overweight isn’t healthy,” the author states that overweight people need to face some problems. First, overweight people cannot get good health insurance. Then, it is difficult for them to get medical treatment. Third, it is not as easy to find tumors in them as in thin people. Finally, doctors will give them the negative attitude. So being overweight is not healthy in society.


In China, girls care more about their body size than other things. They want to become the thinnest one in the world. The TV shows, movies, and magazines always get wrong information to females; there are many models who are very thin. They wear the different kinds of clothes to show people. It is very difficult for fat people to find clothes to wear. I believe that if many Americans go to China, they cannot find clothes. On the other hand, the boys do not want to date fat girls. As a result, girls need to lose weight, because they want to date with boys and get married. However,the hospital likes fat people, because they can bring as much profit as hospital management wants to get. So, you cannot get contempt from hospital.

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