Monday, February 8, 2010

Some kids hurt themselves to feel better


Beauchaine, T. (2010, February 1). Some kids hurt themselves to feel better. CNN. Retrieved February 2, 2010, from


According to the article, “Some kids hurt themselves to feel better,” the situation about self-injury is increasing. Especially, girls always cut their skin with sharp objects. Now, the media is paying more attention to this situation; they put it in the movies. In the author’s opinion, there is not enough money to do the research, which is the main point self-injury is rising. Then, the author tells us four reasons for the self-injury. First, when the young people feel depression, they usually hurt themselves in the USA. Second, people do not feel as good as other peers. Third, adolescence is a period time which is filled with much turmoil. Fourth, suicide always uses self-injury because it is the best method. Finally, scientists do not know why self-injury’s rates are increasing, because they can not get funding to do the research.


Self-injury is an increasingly risky social problem in the recent years. The bad economic solution has made many people lost their jobs; it is a hard time for each person and each country. Adults can not care about their family; they feel very powerless. When they try to change this again and again, it is still impossible. All negative emotions are come out. They will believe they are loser, in their whole lives. The best way to change this condition is suicide, which can help his/her family. In the world, I think most girls choose self-injury because they are disappointed in love. I had an ex-boyfriend; I loved him so much that even now I can not forget him. When he told me we had to break up, I felt so bad. I didn’t eat or drink for several days; also, I was thinking about self-injury. However, I didn’t do it because of three reasons. First, I am very scared of pain. For example, people usually cut their finger with paper; it is not pain. But, I feel very much pain and I will cry for this. I can not bear it. Next, I was thinking about my parents. They love me so much and they always do their best to satisfy me. If I had died, they would have had a sad life in their retirement. The guy didn’t know anything and he didn’t feel sadness. However, we had a lot of memories in my hometown forever. I could go outside and it would let me remember what happened between us in this area; my heart always felt hurt again. So I told my parents that I wanted to continue my courses in America. I think my parents knew the true reason, but they didn’t say anything except “study hard.” I am appreciating that they did that for me. In my opinion, the parents need to help their girl to face losing a lover and pay attention to her feeling. It will decline the rise of self-injury.

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