Sunday, September 28, 2008

Coffee or Tea?

All of us know our country - China is a centuries-old history country,and most of us like tea. In other words, chinese history is a tea history. There are so many kinds of tea:Long jin, tie guanyin, Bi luo chun, mao jian, wulong, ect... I know, many Chinese in abroad like tea very much, maybe it's a complex emotion for miss mother-land or hometown, I heard the parents require their children to acquaint and drink tea,and my parents asked me do that, too. sounds like to keep some chinese culture
But now, coffee is another choose for some people. There are also many types for coffee, such as Brazil coffee,lan shan coffee, black coffee, ect. Someone say, coffee is western's patent. However, I love coffee, any kind of coffee in any incarnation. With sugar or without, with milk or without. Espressos, Mochas, Lattes, Cappucinoes.... the list goes on. Sometimes I love the smell of coffee more than the taste. And it never keeps me awake.
I always go to the Starbucks order a cup of iced coffee to drink in the morning which day I have classes for whole day. Small size, sweety with white cream, so funny, the waiter can remember that lol. When I go to Starbuck, he askes me like usual? yes, thank you.


Anna said...

That's funny. When the cafe seller (Barista) knows who you are, you know you go there too much! >_<

mistyrain said...

Just to save money I have my usual - a pot of Se Chung Oolong each morning - my waiter (my husband) asks each morning if I would like my usual.